Mirko Case Company offers a wide selection of unique hard cases and advanced remote area lights.

Almost since its establishment, the manufacturing company has been closely cooperating with the Chinese Army and Singapore Defense, as well as with Chile Codelco, the largest copper producer in the world.

Heavy-duty protective hard cases are the mark of pride of Mirko Case Company. Cases have different purposes – starting from targeted use by a wide range of consumers and ending with professionals working in the police, involved in disaster rescue operations, as well as in the military, mining, intelligence, aerospace industries.

Among the company’s lighting equipment are shadowless operating lamps, hardy search lights, powerful spot and flood lights and other devices that are very easy to use, optionally equipped with solar panels, hand and cranking generators. The equipment is used during disaster rescue operations in the battlefield hospitals.

Our product is the result of tireless activity of professionals working for the preservation of life and health of customers. The company’s production has 16 patents and all resources for the manufacturing of the best product – there are more than 20 injection molding machines of such leading equipment manufacturers as Fanuc, Sumimoto, Mitsubihsi and others.

Choosing our products, you choose first quality, because Mirko Case deservedly is known as a leader in the market during the whole period of the company’s existence. Customer confidence, safety and reliability of products are among our priorities.


Areas of use of our products


Our hard cases are widely used for safe transportation and storage of high-precision equipment, weapons, medical devices, laptops and other equipment. Among our regular customers – the police, military organizations, rescue workers, companies engaged in exploration and mining, as well as individual customers and organizations who care about the safety of their professional equipment or valuable baggage.

Protective plastic hard cases and innovative remote area lights, supplied by Mirko Case Company can undoubtedly be called a new generation of products because they are made of heavy-duty material using unique patented technologies.

The company’s products are optionally equipped with detachable trolleys and the design of cases refers to so-called stackable type, which saves space and makes them easier to transport, as it is extremely important in the field conditions and during tourist trips.

If you prefer the undoubted quality and exceptional security of your luggage, then production of Mirko Case Company was created just for you.

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